It has been an observation of many that one of the biggest causes of damp is inadequate ventilation in sub floors. This results in the formation of mould and damp which spread to the entire property, affecting the structural stability. That is why damp proofing is so very important.

Here’s How We Help

We implement highly advanced damp proofing techniques that ventilate your property. We do so by introducing a number of vents and improve the ventilation of the property naturally. If natural ventilation does not prove to be sufficient, we install sub floor fans that improve the air circulation considerably, by pushing out the damp air present within the sub floors and drawing in fresh air from outside.

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The vents and fans that we introduce in the sub floors are of the highest quality material. Also, the fans used by us require no maintenance whatsoever.

Do make an appointment with us for a free consultation and find out more about what we can do for you, and how we use damp proofing techniques to preserve your ventilation.


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