Dampproofing Services Norfolk

Dampproofing Services Norfolk


If you’re looking for dampproofing services in Norfolk, you have come to the right place. At MM Comerford Builders, we have a team of experienced, courteous and skilled professionals who offer the protection that your property needs. First, let us understand what dampproofing is all about and what purpose it solves.

The damp that is observed by you in your property is basically of three types, based on what causes it to appear in the first place. Rising damp is said to have occurred when the damp rises up from the ground, up to a height of 1 metre from ground level. It is characterized by tide marks on walls, crumbling plasters and damaged finishing on the brickwork.

Penetrating damp is something that is caused by serious defects in the construction which results in water penetrating the building. This could be because of leaking gutters, faulty plumbing or cracked rendering. Heavy rain and bad weather are the other factors behind penetrating damp.

Condensation, which is characterized by black mould on the walls and streaming windows, is another form of damp that can occur at any height and anywhere in the building. It is caused mainly due to faulty ventilation, high humidity and constricted airflow.


When damp appears it is very important to address the causes immediately, otherwise the consequences to your building could be catastrophic. The brickwork would get damaged, the plasters would crumble and dark moulds would appear all across the property. Also, the timbers are likely to be damaged further by wood boring beetle attack as well as wet and dry rot, and will need to be replaced.


That is why you need to hire a professional dampproofing service in Norfolk to correctly diagnose the problem and offer practical and effective solutions. A professional dampproofing team would carry out a meticulous survey using sophisticated equipment to identify the causes of the damp.

The humidity in the room will be assessed, reading from walls, timbers and the surrounding atmosphere will be studied, the moisture will be estimated. The moisture ingress points will be identified and the condition of the property systematically assessed.

The underlying problems causing the damp will be identified and a series of corrective actions taken. Systematic solutions will be recommended that address the core of the issue and ensure that the damp does not reappear. The goal is to keep your property damp free for decades to come.

At MM Comerford Builders, here’s what we do…

We offer professional consultation on the following damp proofing services in Norfolk:

  • Tanking &Waterproofing
  • Rising Damp and Penetrating Damp Treatment
  • Dry Rot and Wet Rot Treatment
  • Woodworm Treatment
  • Cavity Wall Tie Replacement
  • Condensation Control


We also provide a detailed basement waterproofing system design and installation which includes the design and implementation of cavity drainage systems and sump and pump systems. Call us if you have a problem with condensation as our home dry ventilation system could be the solution that you are looking for.